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Our Participants MEY-DEB PROJESİ 6 February 2020
OUR participants
TOBB MEYBEM, Association of Vocational Qualification and Certification Centers is

founded to carry out exam and certification activities according to ISO 17024 standards, to screen out the knowledge, skill and competences of workers or who wants to work according to labour needs and national competences which are published by Vocational Qualification Institution and also to found and manage exam centers.

  • During the Project implementation, it helps technically to the applicant for preparing participant documents and prepares protocols to set Karabaglar Ataturk Vocational and Technical Anatolian High school as an exam center.
  • EBSO organizes and sends the evaluators who will do the exam in cooperation with Karabaglar Ataturk Vocational and Technical Anatolian Highschool and Karabaglar Vocational Training Center within the vocationals in the Project.
  • It carries out MYK exams in Karabaglar Ataturk Vocational and Technical Anatolian Highschool.
  • Within the social responsibility, it finances the exam fees for the disadvantaged people who deserve to attend the exam of the courses opened together with EBSO.

It is a civil society foundation that works to be the leader for NGO in the region and accessible by organizing national and international activities in the fair axis of responsibility, equalance in existing about women issues.

  • It sends representative to the meetings to be held during project implementation, prepares and delivers participant documents, other necessary documents for project applicant during project implementation.
  • It prepares and delivers the contents of education and seminars for women participating in courses.
  • To determine the unemployed and violence victim women that participated in vocational training courses and prepares process and action plan which provides the application for courses and delivers them to the applicant.
  • It works on the determination of the participants and preparing survey on women employment
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