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Our Partners MEY-DEB PROJESİ 6 February 2020

The biggest task of the partners is to improve the stakeholders’ knowledge and awareness of  National Competency system and make them adapt the system.

Because of the changing conditions, linking up new sectoral relations and strenghtening the cooperation between schools and industry is possible with these foundations. The partners are determined by considering these properties.

Since its establishment, Aegean Region Chamber of Industry, has effective works as
  • Strenghtening vocational morality and unity,
  • The acceleration of industrial activities in the region,
  • Promoting the transfer of capital to industry,
  • Technical helping for the enterpreneurs who will invest in industry,
  • Establishing organized industrial zone, providing factories to produce in today’s necessary conditions, Leading to the ones that will be established ,
  • Making law that will improve industry.
  • It examines the survey results with the applicant to determine the occupations which courses will be given for and helps for the analyzing.
  • After the courses ,within the social responsibility, it finances the exam fees of the candidates that will join in the Vocational Competence Exam.
  • With the applicant, it employs the trainees via its members by getting promise from the enterprises who will provide employment for the trainees.
  • It provides donation of hand tools and tool car for the machine maintenance and montage workshop via its members.
  • During the Project implementation, it provides the coordination between TOBB –MEYBEM and Karabaglar Ataturk MTAL for arrangements of the MYK exam.
  • It organizes the MYK exams for TOBB-MEYBEM in Karabaglar Ataturk MTAL.With the applicant, It continues the courses and trainings for project sustainability.
İzmir Ataturk Technical Anatolian High School is one of the schools located inside Izmir Ataturk Technical Anatolian and Technical Industrial Vocational School which is the biggest vocational and technical high school in Turkey.

It is founded in Izmir’s district,
Karabağlar- Eski Çamlık
  • By arranging the workshops and fields that will be used within the project, it prepares the courses related to the vocationals and workshops mentioned in the project.
  • It determines and assigns the teachers who will work for the courses and provides regular courses and buttons them up.
  • It carries out personnel affairs suitable for the task allocation related to the exam and certification after the courses.
  • It carries on the project’s sustainability activities and cooperates while preparing necessary protocols of courses and other activities within the project.
Mission of our institution is
  • To carry out educational activities considering main and special principals of Turkish national education,
  • Principles of Ataturk and suitable for universal law,
  • Democracy and human rights, learner-centered, active learning and democratical corporate culture.
  • We prepare our students to be employed by raising them according to national and international standards, national competences, legislation and classifications of vocational and technical field, qualified labour that labour market needs ,updating vocational knowledge and skills and with the programs used we provide awareness of enterprise, work safety, social and environmental responsibility, work ethic and habit We aim to the recognition of prior learning, equivalence of vocational training documents and certification.
  • It helps the employment of trainees by opening the mentioned courses within the Project.
  • It provides the laboratories and workshops in which CNC CAD/CAM will be set.
  • It helps the service for the machine equipment and installation which will be bought and is responsible for keeping and maintaining them during the Project.
Probation is an alternative criminal enforcement, community-based system in which all kinds of servicing, programming and sources needed by suspicious, accused or prisoner are provided in terms of social integration.

Removing the factors and changing the behaviours that cause the accused people to be involved in crime, preventing them to be involved in crime again, following the accused who are released by penal institution and supporting them for adapting community again, rehabilitation of drug users, recovering their loss and preventing community by this way are the most important roles of probation.

Also, Directorates of Probation, manages the process of the accused who are released from penal institution to carry out working for public benefit. It aims to provide accused the skill of obeying rules and work discipline, respecting others’ rights, planning time, founding their own work or find a job, healing accused by community involvement and reintegrating them, strengthening the family and social environment relations and are carried out in public institutions and private institutions that serves for public benefit. While determining the work, healing the accused, making good of public, skills of accused, the safety of community and victim and the work to be punitive are taken into account.

  • It will participate in the meetings that will be done during the Project implementation process with a representative.
  • It prepares and delivers the participant documents and other necessary documents to the applicant during Project implementation.
  • It works together with Karabaglar Ataturk MTAL and Karabaglar Vocational Training Center on the attendance of accused who are dependent on probation.
  • It gives psycho-social support for the accused that are dependent on probation and attend to the courses.
  • For the sustainability of Project, in recent years, it carries out the tasks and responsibilities mentioned above.
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