Today, electric-electronic technology field has turned into a main and productive industry that improves all other fields.

Today, the field has reached a power which will improve its own design and technologies. While affecting many fields, electric and electronic field also contributes to effects on other sectors, besides its contribution to economy with its own production, export and employment. The technological changes and quality developments in this field means they will affect the quality development in many fields that use the sectorial products as input positively.

The share of Turkish electric and electronic industry in Turkish economy increases day by day. The constant development and the innovation of the sector, its speed in fitting into world technologies and adopting new technologies shows the sector’s bright future.

Related to the export and recovery in domestic demand ,in the sector which increases its production rapidly, installed capacity and the utilization rate of the products like electronic devices and white goods in durable goods initially, cables, conductive connections, electricity distribution and control board. Increase steadily.

Turkish electric–electronic industry has the assertiveness and ambition. Being a leader in global market is only possible with developed electric and electronic industry.

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