Our Objectives
Our Objectives MEY-DEB PROJESİ 6 February 2020
Our objective is,

to provide training in qualified jobs in the labor market and to employ our workers with a certificate of competence according to professional qualification criteria.

  • To contribute to the developing and growing objectives of our country.
  • To increase the employment and number of happy people by providing correct occupation choice.
  • To ensure necessary sources in providing full participation in economical, social and cultural life for the people who has definite knowledge, skill and talent.
  • To increase the demand and interest in Vocational High schools.
  • To equip schools of İzmir Provincial Directorate of National Education with advanced technologies.
  • To raise researcher, designer, innovative and productive students.
  • To make the vocational schools the leader of the education for the manifacturing sector with new and technological machine and devices.
  • Reintegrate the disadvantaged women and men to the society.
  • To plan important seminars and trainings for women via KADEM
  • To provide the students use the machine and devices bought for their schools.
  • To contribute to the needs of sector via courses with machines and devices for which there is no course or education.
  • To provide the people occupation and employment by means of project sustainability,
  • To serve our vision and mission principals by meeting the trainers with new Technologies.
  • To produce many equipment such as masks and visors for our staff, students, health workers in the fight against the Covid-19 virus during the epidemic process, thanks to new devices.

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